With a High Five, a Hug, and a Smooch…I See You

For My Husband

When I have a moment to reflect on God’s blessings in my life, in our lives, I am able to slow down and really see these blessings in a different light. Many of these things are shared, but it’s in the everyday moments that I never really get to tell you how I see you, how I see God in you.

In this season of life, there are many days we pass with a high five, a hug, and a smooch. Between the roles God has entrusted us with, we make a team, a great team. But, it’s really you that I see so much love, patience, grace, and helpfulness.

colossians 3 17.jpg


I see you.

I see you set your alarm and count the very few hours of sleep you will get between ending one shift and beginning another.

I see you putting on a bulletproof vest, each and every day, to go out into this world, that to be honest is a world that scares me.

I see you doing this humbled, confident, eager, and out of love to serve

I see you experience a wave of emotions throughout your workday, yet always trying to figure out the how you should feel.

I see you stop for a quick lunch, yet leaving in moments to help where needed.

I see you reflect on your own words, actions, and purpose.

I see you strive to be better. Every. Single. Day.

I see you genuinely care for your brothers and sisters in blue, for your community.

I see God working in and through you.

 I see you work long hours, yet always come home and ask how our day was.

I see you pick up overtime; yet always ask if it will be ok with us.

I see you work a long shift, yet come right home and jump in with the duties of the home.

I see you, sometimes looking exhausted, yet still helping with getting the boys to bed.

I see you, the way you support me, and what God is doing in and through me.

I see you come home, even after what could have been a heart-wrenching day, and try to tune out the noise of work, to be present with our boys. (I can’t imagine this, not for one moment)

I see you doing laundry and help with dishes, not because you want them done, because you know those things matter to me.

I see you eating new recipes I try (even when they are a fail!), because you know it matters to me.

I see you extending grace, patience, and love to me. Every. Single. Day. (And boy, am I thankful for you doing this!)

I see you supporting our homeschooling journey, even when I am in doubt or tears.

I see you supporting our Shaklee business, even when it means you are the solo parent while I’m away.

I see you reading my blog, and encouraging me to be obedient and continue hearing God’s voice.

I see God strengthening you, working in and through you.

I see you and the way you light up when the boys run out to welcome you.

I see you put off your never-ending to-do list, to go for a bike ride or play a game of basketball or football.

I see you count down the days until you have a day off where you can spend time with and pour into our boys.

I see you pray with our boys (and I know this is God doing big things).

I see you encourage the boys to learn at church and at home.

I see you model how to respect a wife and a mom.

I see you always willing to help those in need, those we are close with and those we barely know.

I see you getting uncomfortable and growing in your Faith.

I see you trusting God more and more each day,

I see God leading, strengthening, and working in and through you.

So on those days, where we may only have a high five, a hug and a smooch, please always know, I don’t take any part of you for granted. I love you and I see God in you.

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