An Awakening Harvest

When I started my day yesterday, I had planned to pick tomatoes with my children…I had no idea how big God would show up and fill my heart.

Isn’t it humbling when you are awakened to God’s beauty in your everyday life? Do you know what I mean? Like, a moment where you stop in your tracks, and say, “wow, God, I take this for granted.” This happens to me frequently. Often, it’s when I’m talking with my children, perhaps a close friend who is speaking truth into me or my family, but there are times where it’s just me, my task at hand, and the conviction from the Holy Spirit.

Just yesterday afternoon, my 3 boys and I were harvesting some tomatoes from our garden. We were talking about how each of them looked different; some were split open, some were perfectly round, some were all red, some were mostly green, some were rotten, some were ripe, some were big and some were small…we had a great impromptu home school lesson indeed! As we filled our baskets, I was so thankful for our bountiful harvest.

See, we planted our garden very late this year. We had a home project that prevented early planting of our seeds, and we even contemplated skipping our garden for this year. But, we looked ahead and realized how much we appreciate our vegetables, year round! So we gave it a shot. We had no idea if anything would grow, but why not try and plant the seeds!

My husband worked hard at tilling our garden, we planted the seeds, and we watered, and watered, and watered. Many weeds would grow, and we’d clean them up. Suddenly, we spotted some tomatoes blooming! My husband would say almost daily, “If I could get just one red tomato this year, I’d be happy.”

Fast-forward over many weeks, and we were blessed beyond expectations. We reaped a harvest much larger than we anticipated! And we are grateful!

This brings me back to yesterday afternoon. As I was bringing in baskets of tomatoes to prepare for preserving, I had such a wave of conviction come over me.

“Look at what God does for us. We planted few seeds, had little faith of a harvest, yet He proved to be faithful once again. Look at this harvest.”

I had to stop in my tracks and pause to really take this moment in. It wasn’t just about the bountiful crop of tomatoes, it was about the seed planted! About the harvest!

When I started to observe the tomatoes closer, I went back to the conversations my boys and I had while picking them. No two tomatoes were the same, yet they would both help provide nourishment over the months to come. Some were big, some were small, but all were a blessing! I couldn’t have predicted, to the very tiny detail, about how each and every tomato would look. I had an idea, but not the details. I didn’t predict the feeling of joy that God filled me with when my boys and I spent time picking these tomatoes. I didn’t predict the anticipation of getting that first, ripe tomato and the fun it brought to our family that evening at dinner. I didn’t predict this feeling of total gratefulness of God’s beauty each and every day, while preparing to wash these tomatoes.

Breathtaking. God is breathtaking.

 You see, what this reminded me of, is how God is faithful in His word. This reminded me of how I often take our harvest for granted.

Each and every seed that we plant, will reap a harvest. We can have an idea of the type of harvest (we want and expect), but we may not see the beauty in each and every detail of these blessings.

What kinds of seeds are we planting? Into our family, friends, community, strangers? Are we planting seeds of love, hope, righteousness?

What about planting seeds of peace?

“and those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of righteousness.” James 3:18

How encouraging is this? Plant peace, reap righteousness. Are we peace-makers? Are we lifting one another up? Are we showing love, mercy, grace? How are we showing Christ to others?

What about planting seeds of tears?

“those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy.” Psalm 126:5

When we are in sorrow, we can plant these seeds of tears, clinging to Christ, laying our burdens before Him, and he can turn our grieving into joy! These are moments of refining, of spiritual growth.

I know there have been times where I don’t even know what seeds I am planting, or where God is guiding me to plant seeds.

“I said, plant the good seeds of righteousness, and you will harvest a crop of love. Plow up the hard ground of your hearts for now is the time to seek the lord that he may come and shower righteousness upon you.” Hosea 10:12

By preparing our hearts (just like my husband prepared the land for the garden), asking God to forgive our sins, and asking God to guide us, he promises righteousness upon us. Being broken before our Lord…He provides vision and provision. I know I must continue to plant seeds, nurture them, and rely on God to make them grow.

While I washed and juiced these beautiful tomatoes last evening, I had such an overwhelming feeling of Joy. God was showing me so many blessings that I hadn’t glorified Him for. Tiny seeds that He has guided and strengthened me to plant, have begun to bloom and grow into a bountiful harvest. Some are now blessings I could have predicted, and others, no prediction at all. Some are still being nurtured by Christ, and I have not yet seen a harvest, and don’t know how the harvest will even look!

“I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.”

1 Corinthians 3:6

What I do know, is God is faithful. He is guiding me to plant seeds. While I seek Him and long to glorify Him, he provides a harvest that continues to nourish me. He nourishes me in my spiritual walk with Him, and my earthly walk with others. Even when I contemplate skipping out on Him (and sometimes do). Even when I limit His blessing (like saying we’d be happy with just…). Even when I fall short time and time again. He is faithful.

What beauty Gods shows us. What beautiful ways He shows up! When I started my day yesterday, I had planned to pick tomatoes with my children…I had no idea how big God would show up and fill my heart.


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