Longing to Hear God’s Voice – But Wait He Has ALREADY Spoken

I often take new relationships for granted. I will often forget the imagery I have about how God connects different paths throughout our lives. My own thought is that God is making a beautiful quilt, and each of us have a place in the smaller patches. And within those patches are the things God is doing in each of us, our communities, etc. The patches all come together to make one glorious piece of art that God has been patching together. Now, His plan is even greater than this, but when I begin to take for granted, all the relationships that I am blessed with, I am able to envision this imagery that God has a purpose for each one and for His greater glory. And for that, I am grateful.

One particular relationship is that with one of my very best friends, Brooke Plummer. It’s really neat, because Brooke and I have been in the same “patch” for many years, however we didn’t draw close until it was in God’s timing! And now I see that we are part of a beautiful patch together, and God is working in us and through us to piece together the bigger “quilt” that He is making.

Over the last few years I’ve been blessed to witness God really work in Brooke’s life. I’ve been honored to pray alongside her, cry with her, celebrate with her, and even as God, “why” with her. But the most magnificent moment of them all is seeing God reveal Himself so boldly to her! It’s my honor to share her journey in Faith and God’s Faithfulness, with you, for His glory!

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Longing to Hear God’s Voice – But Wait He Has ALREADY Spoken

By Brooke Plummer

“I sit here contemplating where to begin with this story, my story,

God’s story.

This is my first blog post I’ve ever written, or considered writing, but I felt compelled to share this.

A little bit of background…since the time my husband and I married we have always had a desire to relocate to North Carolina. Although there were many appealing things about NC, I never really understood how that specific location and mutual desire came about.

We talked many times of relocating but once the beautiful gifts of children came along we wanted to be close to family and to have my Mom care for them while I worked. We set the desire of relocating aside and went ahead and built our dream home. We worked hard, saved our money, and put much love into that home. We loved entertaining and hosting family gatherings there. Our favorite place in the entire house was our outdoor fireplace on the veranda.

We had so many good times with people we love cuddled around this source of warmth.

But quickly some things changed. The neighborhood we built our dream home in changed causing my husband to take on additional responsibility to help protect our investment into this dream. This became a source of much stress and many sleepless nights. As our surroundings changed our desire for this to be our forever home changed too.

We started having conversations again about moving to North Carolina. We eventually started taking trips out to investigate areas and on one trip found some land we wanted to purchase. Wow!

This was getting real. We purchased the land with the goal of moving in 3 years. Two years into that timeline we started to put the plan into action. In May of 2016 we put the FOR-SALE sign in the yard. That was an emotional day, but we thought we probably had a year before we would actually be leaving our family and friends and the state of Indiana which we had lived our entire lives in.

Well… there was a different plan.

The next day I received a call from my boss and very good friend that my company was doing a reduction in force and my position was being eliminated.

WHAT??? My position was the one job we knew we could take with us and rely on in North Carolina because I worked remotely and traveled when needed so it didn’t matter where I was located.

The crazy thing is, I felt this overwhelming peace that this is what God wanted and that instead of waiting a year to move, we should move NOW.

God made that happen.

Within 3 weeks, we had our house sold. Which was a “miracle” in itself as there were more than a handful of houses for sale in our neighborhood at the time. We quickly found the perfect rental in NC and relocated so we could come to NC and build our new dream home on that property we purchased.

We started down a similar path… we started dreaming. What did we want in this new house? We worked with a wonderful designer and drafted a beautiful home. Then comes time to see what this dream home will cost. More than we imagined, but within our ability to afford. Since it was more than we wanted we spent several weeks making changes to bring the cost down some.

All the while, I was struggling.

Okay the cost is coming down, but do we really want to invest this much money into a house? Something was urging me to reconsider, but we continued on.

Once you throw something out to the universe, something you want to accomplish, it’s easy to feel inclined that we must follow through. But do dreams and goals change?

That’s when God began to intervene. Well, I should say that’s when I started to recognize a little bit more (wasn’t He there all along?).

Take into your heart all My words which I will speak to you and listen closely.

Ezekiel 3:10

I was part of a women’s Bible study at church and we were studying Ecclesiastes, Wisdom for Living Well. In Ecclesiastes, it is emphasized OVER and OVER that we are

Chasing After the Wind.

In society, we always want more, want better and aren’t afraid to work and work and work for it. But it caused me to think more about what we are sacrificing in order to have those things we chase.

Are those things we are chasing really what makes us happy?

In the same time frame, we were doing a study at church titled Immeasurably More. There is a need at our church to expand and make room for one more person, well this takes financial power to do this. We heard many great sermons at church about financial responsibility and I felt this tugging on my heart to participate and give. But I knew if we moved forward in building this dream house, it was going to be more challenging to give above and beyond our normal tithe.

My husband and I had many conversations about this and we eventually decided let’s wait.

We started to recognize God telling us to be patient.

So, we set down the path of looking for an interim home to buy. Something to hold us over for 2-4 years while we figured things out. This past Saturday we decided to go look at some homes. We went in 3 and I was getting very frustrated; we were not finding anything that fit our needs and wants. We went on to the 4th home…and I had this feeling.

This house was everything we were looking for. It was perfect for us! It has land for the kids to play and a wrap-around porch to entertain on.

Oh, the memories we can create here.

Within 48 hours, pending final paper work and inspection we are able to make that house ours.

So, there are a few details, I purposefully held back. This story is written in the words and ways in which I experienced it. But I was missing the true experience of the Holy Spirit through this story,

GOD’s story.

About a week ago, as I was going through a cabinet, I found a book which I had purchased but not yet read. The book is titled, Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer. A few days after finding it I began to dig in.

Wow had I been missing the message.

I sat down to read this book with the hopes of one day recognizing when God is speaking to me. Well what a wake-up call. I’m not sure if you recognized it in this story, or in your story, but when we are saved and receive the Holy Spirit that “gut feeling” we get is no longer just an instinct it is the Holy Spirit guiding us.

That initial desire? GOD

Giving me a different career path and the urge to move NOW? GOD

The tug on our hearts to wait and be patient? GOD

Wise counsel from my best friend and her ongoing prayers? GOD

My best friend’s insight that maybe God led us to purchase the property as a way to get us to North Carolina, but that wasn’t the final plan? GOD

The Bible Study and the message at Church? GOD

Leading us to this new home? GOD

Feeling “compelled” to share this? GOD

I now recognize that HE has ALWAYS been there, but I wasn’t LISTENING!

I cannot wait to see what He has in store for us moving forward. I want to listen and recognize sooner so I can take His guidance and praise Him throughout the days of my life.

Is God speaking to you?

Is He telling you something? Christian brothers and sisters if you have found salvation in Jesus Christ, don’t keep assuming it’s your “gut”,

it’s HIM!

God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.

Philippians 2:13″

Thank you, Brooke for not only seeking Him in all you do, but taking the time to reflect, be still, and share your story. You are an amazing woman and I see God working through you each and every day. You inspire me to be all that God has created me to be, and you will continue to reach others by that same encouragement. I’m so blessed by our friendship, and I’m so glad God has us in the same “patch”! God bless you my dear friend!


One thought on “Longing to Hear God’s Voice – But Wait He Has ALREADY Spoken

  1. Stephanie Schoon

    Love, love, love how God is writing your story, Brooke, and how your ear is tuned in to what He is doing in your life. Love you! 😘 I can’t wait to sit on that porch with you!!


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