Be Still…& B-Complex

Be still and know that I am God…many of you who know me well, know that I LOVE this verse and for so many reasons. Meditating on it has gotten me through so many moments and emotions. To know that His word tells us to be still and surrender to Him and find peace is beyond encouraging. But how often do we truly do this?

Be Still_1

What happens when we invite God to work on our heart? It’s not always what we want or expect to experience, but isn’t it exciting to know that He is working? It’s sometimes hard for me to be vulnerable, especially on a blog post, but sometimes I think that my writing is a way for me to really reflect on what God is doing. So, vulnerable it is!

As much as I love Psalm 46:10, I can’t say that I was actually obeying. I felt the power of the verse and I know His promises are true, but I was still getting caught up in the overwhelm of life.

How clean is my house? How much school did we get through today? Am I doing enough in my business? Did we eat healthy enough today? Did I work out yet? Am I letting friends or family down? Am I doing enough with my kids, or too much? Am I really there for my husband? Did I spend enough time with God?

Now, this isn’t to say that I have it all figured out now, please don’t get me wrong! But goodness, I had to LET IT GO! Seriously. None of those thoughts or the actions that followed were being still at all! In fact, I was being the opposite. I was trying to be my own strength and busyness was getting the best of me. But in all honesty, I was just spinning in circles not really accomplishing any of the things I was stressing about! Can we say hot mess! I gave one example in my last post!

Enter the invitation for God to work on my heart. Be still and know that I am God. Be still and know that I am God. All day. All night. Every minute. In everything. Be still and know that I am God.

So when the crazy thoughts and constant busyness creeps in. I stop and I am still. He is God. I had to quit trying to be what He is! Because what I was missing was what truly matters.

The unexpected giggles from my boys.

The looks they give when they tell me that story.

The sounds of the birds all through the day.

The way the breeze feels midafternoon.

The joke my husband quietly added to the story.

The way they learn through living.

The moments that calm me.

The moments give me such great joy.

The grace that covers me.

The quiet voice that guides me.

The life He’s given me.

The chance to be a light.

So now what? Now I just tell myself to slow down and everything is ok? No, it’s not what I do, it’s what He’s done! When I look at how I was feeling before, I was being so prideful. Thinking I had to figure it all out. Silly me-always silly me. He is enough. He is our strength. He changes hearts and opens eyes. We just have to trust him. And when we do, everything really does fall into place.

Oh yeah, the B-Complex…why did I say Be Still & B-Complex? Random? I think not. When we invite Christ to work in our hearts and when we are really growing in our faith, we must do all that we can to really heal and grow. I say it often; I work like it depends on me, but I pray because it depends on God. I’m going to work with Him not against Him!

Knowing my anxious tendencies, I incorporate different things. Aside from my quiet time, affirmations, podcasts and conversations with God throughout day, I also started taking loads of B-Complex. Yes, I mean I quadrupled my B-Complex. Not because I don’t think God can handle it, but because I’m thankful for the resources He gives me! And for anyone who has ever felt any of the things I’ve mentioned, then I know the combination of Being Still & B-Complex has totally unwound this momma enough to say that I feel so peaceful.

It’s so cool how God really does guide us. He opens our eyes to things He wants us to see. He reminds us of His beauty. He supplies the things we need. He is working behind the scenes all the time for our good and His glory! Even just the prompting to write this, He’s been nudging me for over a week now!

So, for any of you reading this who may just feel a tad overwhelmed in the busyness of life, or perhaps you feel like a whirlwind more often than not, I hope this brings some encouragement to you today. Let’s encourage one another and enjoy the beauty He gives!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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