Truly Living-Morning Routine

Moments come and go, but are we truly living? Ask yourself that question. This has been something that I’ve been intentionally looking at and even changing my mindset about; I’ve been exposing my heart in this matter.  You can peek at my post on that transformation as well. What does it mean to truly live, and how can I set myself up for success with the guidance of the one who truly knows my plans? Do I have a key role in this type of living? I have found that having a great morning routine makes all the difference in my day, even in my week.


There are some endeavors I’m really consistent with and others that are on my “get consistent at” list. Obviously, everyone is unique in what makes them feel prepared for the day.  If these aren’t of importance to you, I encourage you to take a look at your own “intentional plan” to get your days rocking from the start! I’d love to hear from you and  what you do daily, as well.

  1. Pray. That’s right, the very first thing I do BEFORE getting out of bed, is pray. I have specific things I say each and every day, and I always ask for guidance through each and every part of my day. I know that I’m not in control, yet I tend to try and take control. So, by praying early on, I release my “need” to be in charge! I also give thanks for the beauty that I’m blessed with in my life. I talk to God before talking to the world.
  2. Coffee. Delicious coffee. I love everything about coffee; the beans I grind, the coffee pot I use, the smell and the sound of the drip, and of course that first sip. Are you with me? I am currently hooked on all Jameson Coffee and love that I can get it locally!
  3. Quiet time, Devotional, Bible study. This was not the norm for me 10 years ago. I became a little more consistent 7 years ago, and this time was a must do 5 years ago. I grew up knowing Christ and having a relationship with him to some extent, but it wasn’t until I went through some major life changes and even pain that I felt such a strong need to know Him more. Through daily study and quiet time, I have a strong thirst to have a day full of worship. I’ve learned through this quiet time that quiet time isn’t a picture-perfect hour of deep prayer and stillness. It can sometimes be messy, confusing, tear-filled, even feeling lost. But it is also life altering, even so much that I can’t express it but rather I can only encourage you to dig into the word each day! Overtime, you will find your own transformation that keeps you in total awe.
  4. Snuggle my boys. This is one of my favorite parts of the day. I absolutely love the morning snuggles of my sweeties, snuggly in their jammies, morning stillness, soft cheeks and hands wrapped around my neck, and blankets snuggled to make it all that much better. These are moments I try not to take for granted because I know they won’t last forever. These are the moments I longed for when I worked outside of the home as a teacher. These are the moments that make me even more excited that God chose our family to homeschool. These are the moments that allow me to slow down, to breath in His goodness, and experience such deep gratitude. These are the moments.
  5. Make my bed. Ok, so I’m a little OCD when it comes to tidiness. While I’ve lessened my reigns a TON over the past 5 years, I still have a need for order. I’m still trying to give up the pride and control of this “need”, but we are all a work in progress, right? When I at least have my bed made, even when many other rooms may get destroyed during our school day, I can still walk into at least one room and feel calm. I can escape for a few moments and sit on that made bed, and say an extra prayer for patience, cry when I’m in overwhelm, or simply read a story to one of my sweeties who want some extra momma time. That made bed is a simple step to set up the rest of the day.
  6. Feed the crew. Anyone with kids knows this can be quite a to do! And anyone with boys knows this is multiplied by 100. Well having 3 boys, 2 of which are big eaters and one that is a part time big eater, means in order to truly live, which is a daily desire, we have to fuel up! We have your usual eggs, oats, maybe even some pancakes or muffins (we are loving the Kodiak cakes these days. My boys are huge helpers in the kitchen. They wash and crack the eggs, my oldest even scrambles them himself now! They will wash the fruit, fill the blender for their shakes, and of course, the youngest loves setting the table with more napkins than are ever used. It’s a team effort and I love the time we have in the kitchen together. We also make sure to take our supply of vitamins and minerals because we all have needs that our diets don’t give us, even when we eat as healthy as we can! We all have quite an array of nutrients we take in supplement form to make sure we are our best self. My kids don’t let me forget this step! I’m also lucky in that this is my home-based business; because I also get to help other families get healthier each day!
  7. Quick Chores. Again, setting the day for smooth success is the idea. A quick start of laundry and making sure dishes are done helps me feel prepared to move forward. The kids have their quick morning routines to complete as well; get dressed, brush teeth, make bed, and tidy room. I ask them to get dressed and do their “3 things” and they know what I expect. (They also have other chores, but these are done before we start the school day.)
  8. Mental plan of daily goals, and peace in the soul that it probably won’t go as planned. Ok, it won’t go as planned. Because I tend to over plan. My husband laughs because I have all this stuff I’d like to accomplish, and sometimes, it’s not realistic. This is another area of pruning. We are on a journey, not reaching a destination, right? So, when I have a mental plan of what I’d like to accomplish, I also have to release my desire to control the actual outcome. There will be moments that opportunities come up to go on an unplanned walk to admire the beauty of the day, opportunities to slow down the pace and address character issues in one of the kids (or momma!), opportunities to read a book that wasn’t on the school agenda, opportunities to teach one of the kids something new in the kitchen or in the back yard, opportunities to serve someone, maybe even an opportunity to take a nap!

Basically, we all have plans. We all have priorities. What I’ve loved experiencing, is the transformation of these priorities to match the priorities of the One who is truly in control. While I’d love to have my workout time before the kids wake a priority, or even getting some business planned before we begin school, I’ve learned that the season of life I’m in, also has a season of priorities. And when we slow down enough to listen and let Him lead, those priorities do get shifted, but not in a way that we feel like failures or unfulfilled. In fact, I feel more peaceful and fulfilled than I did when I was trying to keep up with my own hustle and bustle, my own plans, and my own vision (with disappointment when it didn’t actually work my way).

When these priorities get shifted, we have a different perspective on events that we face through the day. We have a different peace when we rest. We lessen the guilt of motherhood and not being enough. We allow Him to guide us, to fill us, and to give us peace. We experience a new level of living. And it makes us hunger for more of that true life!

What is your morning routine? Do you have one? Do you crave one? Pray about it. See what He shows you. And be ready to change, to perhaps intentionally change.





2 thoughts on “Truly Living-Morning Routine

  1. Jenni, you are speaking my language with your morning routine! And making your bed is actually listed as one of the top common traits of the world’s most success people, so great job teaching your boys! Even though I am up early to make breakfast and pack lunches for my kiddos, my office hours don’t start until 10:15am. I’ve learned the hard way how vital it is for me to exercise, spend time in the Word, eat a healthy breakfast and shower before checking emails and answering texts. If I do the important things first, the little things always seem to get done. But if I am distracted and do the little things first, there’s rarely room left in my day to get to the big ones.


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