They See Us

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They See Us…

Oh, the thoughts we have after prayers and good night kisses.

Did I love them enough?

Did I do enough?

Did I discipline enough?

Did I yell…too much?

How are they growing so fast?

Was I even present?

Tomorrow I will…do better. Yes, tomorrow I will be more patient, more loving, more perfect.

But today, that fear still tries to set in.

I never let them finish the story they started in the middle of brother’s math lesson.

How could I lose my patience when all they were doing was laughing?

I didn’t play that game I said I would.

I didn’t read another chapter.

I didn’t show them that picture.

I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t…

They had to see me frustrated. Why am I not more calm?

They had to see the mess. Why can’t I keep up?

They had to see me overwhelmed and exhausted. Why is this so hard?

I hope they saw how much I love them. Goodness, I sure love them.

Tomorrow…maybe tomorrow.

But today…

Today they saw you start your day with that bible open.

Today they saw you stop in the middle of washing dishes to see their new dance move.

Today they felt your love when you hugged them every time they walked past for a hug.

Today they felt safe when boundaries were set.

Today they saw you provide them with clean clothes, warm meals, and love.  


Today they heard you pray when things got tough…

           …And give praise when you saw the countless blessings.

Today they saw your patience when brother interrupted a math lesson for a story.

Today they felt special when you read that one chapter.

Today they saw your smile, the special look you give when they make you giggle, and all the ways you are uniquely their…momma.

And today, they saw you momma. When you fell to your knees with tears in your eyes, asking the one true God to give you strength to be the mommy He wants you to be. To surrender your desires, your sin, your failures, and simply be. Be His.

So tonight, praise Him. Breath in the grace He gives. Rest in knowing that in this journey of motherhood…they see you.

And they don’t just see your mess-ups, they see your apologies.

They don’t just see your struggle, they see you seeking wisdom.

They don’t just see failure, they see the power of GRACE.

They see us, moms.


(Peek back on your phone and see what pictures they sneak. Probably lots of selfies, funny faces, but perhaps one like this…you on your knees, broken yet restored…It’s amazing what they indeed see.)

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